bad dogs wanted


Do you think you have a bad dog and are in need of dog training? 
Actually, I believe dogs don’t behave badly. I believe they are having a hard time.

But, it’s common (and normal!) to get frustrated, sad, desperate, and mad when your dog’s behavior is out of control. It’s not hopeless- there is a lot you can do to help communicate with your dog better, I promise!

~ Is your puppy’s biting causing injury and stress?
~ Is your puppy using your living room as her toilet?
~ Is your dog growling, snapping at, or biting people?
~ Is your dog shy or fearful of strangers?
~ Is your dog barking or lunging at other dogs or people on walks?
~ Is your puppy’s Witching Hour making you crazy?
~ Is your dog’s diet contributing to his behavior issues?

Let me help.



Minneapolis, MN
Meet Dog Behaviorist & Nutrition Specialist, Kari Bastyr (Birdie, too!)

  • Masters Degree in Animal Behavior & Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Bachelors Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Certified Dog Behavior Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants
  • Certified Dog Trainer with Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training
  • Certified Canine Nutrition Master Course
  • Certified Pet Nutrition Specialist
  • Member of the Pet Professional Guild
  • Member of the Animal Behavior Society
  • Currently working on my Raw Pet Food Certification
  • Currently working on my Fear Free Certification

I am a people trainer AND a dog trainer, and I take pride in what I do for your family. Most people are in crisis when they call me, and I do my best to provide empathetic, kind, and comprehensive help. I do not use or condone the use of shock, prong, or choke collars and I will never ask you to hurt your dog. Training should be fun and focus on building your bond and I will teach you how to do that effectively and without force.  Here are Google Reviews from past clients whom I’ve had the privilege of working with.

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