Helping dogs and babies live together

Gia is about the happiest version of herself since we adopted her!  She is doing fantastic.  Wyatt is walking now and whenever he’s around Gia, her tail is wagging and she does not seem overstimulated.  Now she even wants to initiate play with him like she does with us. We still have the play yard so he does not have free range over the house (yet).  She is doing well on her meds, too.
Kari, you have helped us so much and we are so thankful for all that you have done working with Gia.  Honestly, I didn’t know that it was possible that she could ever be this good with Wyatt. You are incredibly thorough and informative and I think you have definitely found your calling.  I will definitely reach out again in the future if we have any other issues with any of our crazy animals!
Thank you!
Jackie L, Eden Prairie MN
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