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A Tribute to My Dessert Dog

1/23/22 Paisley Junebug My ride or die. My beautiful perfect brown dog. My dessert dog. One year without her. I didn’t post much when she died because I wasn’t ready, and my grief was just too heavy. But I’d like to write a tribute to her today. Paisley survived being abandoned and landing in the shelter in the overnight drop-off kennel at the DDFL when she was 7 weeks old, being labeled vicious and unadoptable READ MORE

My Dog is Such a Sweetheart… but He Bites People

My dog is such a sweetheart…but he bites people! If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say that, I’d be able to retire. Much of the time I spend with clients includes talking about why dogs are so sweet sometimes and then aggressive and fearful at other times. In the industry, we call it “The 98% Rule,” because we all get those phone calls where the pet parent says that 98 READ MORE

I Went Back to Work and my Puppy has Separation Anxiety

This year, many people adopted puppies while in quarantine. They are known as ‘Covid Puppies’, and dog trainers have been anticipating an influx of emails and phone calls regarding separation anxiety. Because these puppies have grown up with their parents working from home, plus staying home all the time, they are not used to being left alone.  Now, parents are starting to go back to work, and these puppies are panicking. Here are some common READ MORE

Counter Surfing

The best way I’ve found to extinguish counter surfing is to reward your dog for keeping his nose on the floor.  Instead of teaching her what NOT to do (get on the counter), teach her what TO do (stay on the floor), i.e. differential reinforcement of an opposite behavior. I recommend spreading his dry kibble or high value treat on the floor under the toe kick at every meal for two to three weeks.  The READ MORE

Crate Training

Crate/Confinement Training Crate Training is a process of desensitizing your dog to staying in his crate while you are gone, for potty training, or even when you are home and need a place to keep your puppy while you take a shower.  It can help a dog feel more comfortable at home because it acts like a den and provides safety from the outside world.  Most dogs actually love their crate and can’t wait to READ MORE

My Dog is Allergic to Minnesota: My Path to Treating Her Allergies Naturally

In 2017, Paisley and I moved from Denver, CO to Minneapolis, MN.  She was 7, and was born and raised on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. During our first spring here, Paisley developed horrific skin allergies. She itched/scratched constantly and had huge blisters all over, along with red patches and she lost a lot of her hair. It was apparent that she was allergic to Minnesota, because she never had issues in Colorado. READ MORE

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