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My Dog won’t Eat Vegetables or Fruit!

Do you have a dog who refuses to eat fresh food, especially veggies and fruits? Just like with kids, many times it works to hide the veggies in other foods, so with picky dogs, I recommend hiding them in bone broth. You can use any type of bone broth your dog likes as a base, and then experiment with any type of fresh veggies and/or fruits. However, you cannot feed your dog grapes, raisins, READ MORE

Leaky Gut Syndrome in Dogs

Many pet parents contact me when their dog exhibits anxiety or fear, and sometimes allergies, diarrhea, and chronic inflammation accompany those. It's not uncommon for dogs to have many symptoms that are all related, and in fact, can be contributing to each other. When I am working with a dog on behavior, I actually look at the whole picture: behavior, emotions, history, medical status, level of stress, allergies/skin issues, and gut health. They are READ MORE

Build your Dog’s Food Bowl

If you had to eat the same thing day after day after day for your ENTIRE life, do you think any of the following things would occur: Would you grow tired of consuming the same thing every single meal? Would you possibly start to eat other things like garbage, poop, socks, wood, dirt, plants, etc. to make things exciting and feel satiated (well, maybe not poop)? Would you have a balanced diet? Would READ MORE

Bone Broth for Dogs

In this day and age, millions of dog parents are interested in helping their pets live a healthy, long, enriched life. Our dogs are our kids, and we want them to have the best of everything, including providing them with quality food, treats, and medical care. With all the toxins, stressors, and potential illnesses our dogs can be exposed to, it is more important than ever to make sure their microbiome is top-notch and READ MORE

Is online dog training and behavior modification really that effective?

Unequivocally, Yes! I have found it to equally as effective as in-person learning, and sometimes even more so.  Virtual learning has become the norm in nearly every industry. And effective online dog training is no exception. If there’s a skill I want to learn, I have the ability to choose the most qualified teacher no matter where they are. In this case, you are lucky to have the option to find a trainer that best READ MORE

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