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Day Training: Teaching a Puppy to Sit for Greetings

Happy National Puppy Day! I have been working with Dutchess, a 17-week old black lab for about 2 weeks. Her mom, Gretchen, is very dedicated to helping the both learn and communicate effectively.  She hired me to come once or twice a week to work with Dutch on a few behaviors, and at the top of the list is No Jumping.  When Gretchen is gone, Dutch is kept in the back hall with READ MORE

Day Training: Working on Down Stay for Impulse Control

Luna and I have been working together since she was 8 weeks old. For a doodle, she is actually fairly calm, but sometimes, she has what I call 'Doodle Brain'. She gets over-the-top excited when people come to the door, and is so amped up, it's difficult for her to calm down so she can focus on what she should be doing.  Of course this is common for many puppies, not just Doodles. Last READ MORE

Growling is Good

It's National Dog Bite Prevention week, and my discussion continues with a review of the different body language and vocalizations that dogs elicit when they are fearful or anxious. First off, I want everyone to know that growling is good! Growling is a definitive warning that a dog is scared and it is meant to create distance.  If a dog growls at you, it means he or she is uncomfortable and potentially afraid and it READ MORE

Always Ask the Dog!

It's National Dog Bite Prevention Week again, which is a subject near and dear to my heart. Would you believe I have never been bitten by a dog? I work with dogs who are aggressive towards me every single day, but I work very hard to prevent anything from happening. There are many reasons why I haven't been bitten, and luck is just one of them. This week, I'll be blogging about those reasons and help READ MORE

A Client’s Story: Patience and Management are Key to Introducing a New Dog to Resident Cats

I brought home a black lab puppy to add to my family, and I already had 2 dogs and 3 cats. Andy was a parvo survivor, very mellow, friendly and had relatively good manners. I am not, and never have been a puppy person, preferring to adopt middle aged, senior or special needs dogs.  Hence, having a dog that wouldn’t get along with my cats was never a huge concern. I’ve also been lucky that my READ MORE

Keeping the Peace: How to Introduce and Manage Dogs and Cats who Live in the Same House

20 years ago I moved in with my best friend and roommate from college, our constant companions back then were a dog (for me) and a cat (for her).  Our decision to become roommates again did not include any thought of how we would get the dog and cat together. We just knew we could live together harmoniously (most days), plus share the rent and each other’s clothes. Moving day came and after all of READ MORE

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