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Keeping the Peace: How to Introduce and Manage Dogs and Cats who Live in the Same House

20 years ago I moved in with my best friend and roommate from college, our constant companions back then were a dog (for me) and a cat (for her).  Our decision to become roommates again did not include any thought of how we would get the dog and cat together. We just knew we could live together harmoniously (most days), plus share the rent and each other’s clothes. Moving day came and after all of READ MORE

How to Manage and Prevent Barking out the Window

As Turtle has gotten older, she has begun to bark out the front window. She let's me know about all the bunnies, flies, leaves, people, squirrels, dogs, dust particles and everything else she deems a threat.  It's very stressful for dogs who can engage with their environment like this because they are trying to do their 'job'.  Alerting and chasing danger away (dogs walking by, the mail person, squirrels, etc) can be very self-reinforcing, especially READ MORE

The Three E’s: Considering Expectations, Environment, and Education in your Dog’s Learning

When I was a little girl in the early 70s, my family had a sweet 10-pound terrier mix, who was given to my sisters and I by Santa on Christmas Day.  We named her Muffin, and she lived to be 17.  I still have many fond memories of her.   In every way that she was adorable and funny, the opposite was true for her naughtiness. Now that I work with dogs in my professional life, READ MORE

Is Your Dog Stubborn or Just Unmotivated?

A few months ago I was at Home Depot, and walked by an end-cap with a display of shock collar training devices for dogs.  One of them was labeled ‘Stubborn Dog Trainer’.  I did a double take. Could I have read that right?  There are actually training devices marketed for stubborn dogs? Yikes. Maybe stubborn trainers but not stubborn dogs. That got me thinking. Why do people think their dogs are stubborn? There are so READ MORE

My Top 10 Behavior Tips

Top 10 Solutions to a Better Behaved Dog At some point, every dog owner faces a behavioral challenge with their dog, and most often, a few simple modifications to training can make all the difference.  Here are some easy solutions to some common behavior problems that I see on a daily basis with my clients.  And when training, always think of working with your dog from this perspective: Instead of trying to teach your dog READ MORE

Is Your Front Door a Hot Zone for Craziness and Door Dashing?

Last year, I met a wonderful client, Susan, who got a black lab puppy named Dorothy.  Dorothy has grown up to be an ambassador of the breed except for one thing: She has a really hard time with impulse control at the front door. She likes to run through it anytime it's open, and with kids running in and out, it is happening quite a lot!  She also runs down the street and doesn't come READ MORE

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