I am thrilled to announce that Judy Borsheim has purchased Wag & Train Colorado. She will be making it her own by branching off and starting Star Dog Training and Behavior Specialists!

As my Lead Trainer, Judy has been behind the scenes teaching classes and managing the Colorado Wag & Train classes, as well as anxiety and aggression cases since I moved back to Minneapolis in 2016.

During the transition, she will still be working for Wag & Train as she completes her behavior programs with current clients, while the classes will remain the same at the same locations. Judy has been an integral part of Wag & Train’s success in her 7 years with us, and she even completed her Master’s Degree in Canine Life Sciences in 2017 so she can offer the best, science-based, dog-friendly, reward-focused training in the industry. Please welcome me in congratulating Judy in this milestone. This is bittersweet for me because Wag & Train Colorado has been my baby, but I am excited to be calling Minnesota my home and taking advantage of the opportunities I have built in here. I will never forget my Denver dog family! I lived there for 16 years, and I am so, so grateful for everyone who trusted me with your dog along the way. Thank you doesn’t suffice, but I am so appreciative! And thank you, Judy, for your steadfast belief that dogs need to be treated with love, kindness, and understanding while they learn.

Star Dog Training & Behavior Specialists