Even as a senior dog, he responded very well to positive reinforcement training!

ChanceWe adopted a senior dog who had been in the shelter for 5 months.  He was labeled with “behavioral issues”, was definitely dog reactive, and had a question of dog aggression.  We instantly fell in love with this 9-year old boxer mix who we now call Chance.  We asked for Kari’s help. and with Kari’s instruction, guidance and reassurance, Chance became a confident, well behaved, sweet boy who eventually showed us that his dog reactivity was him being overexcited and insecure. We have been very careful, and slow with introductions, and after 6 months Chance had his first play date with a dog without any issues!  We are ecstatic for him, and we couldn’t have done it without Kari’s help.  Please consider adopting senior pets, they aren’t too old to learn.  Thank you Kari!  Jill and Janis Denver, Co



Update 7/5/16
Cattle Dog TrainingHi Kari,

We wanted to give you an update on Chance one year after we ended our sessions with you.  Chance is doing great and continues to improve on walks.  He can still be a bit reactive on leash, but he listens well to us and we can get him to focus on us much faster than before.  There are even times when he doesn’t react to other dogs on leash (besides the side “evil eye”).  🙂
The biggest update is that Chance has now had play dates (3 dogs and counting) without any issue.  We are so happy with his improvement and the fact that he can gave doggie time with other dogs.
Thanks and hope you are doing well and having a great summer.
Janis & Jill
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