We felt so bad that he was upset when we left him to go to work…

Boxer Ridgeback Dog TrainingQuickly after adopting our dog, Teton, we realized that he had serious separation anxiety and also pulled while on his leash. We felt so bad that he was upset when we left him to go to work. We Skyped him and could see that he barked literally non-stop, scratched at our front door, and pawed at our glass balcony door. We reached out to Kari and arranged for 3 training sessions. She talked through different strategies with us including training him, changing his environment (things in our home) and  she also encouraged us to look into trying anxiety medication as well. She worked with Teton directly and also had us work with him while she coached us. This was incredibly helpful; she really trained us on how to train our dog. We felt like we had support and concrete things to work on for his leash-pulling and his separation anxiety.
A little while after adopting Teton, he started viciously barking at other dogs and lunging at them while on his leash. This was upsetting to us and we had no idea what to do. Kari worked on that issue as well. She even brought one of her dogs to his last appointment to work with him. She gave us concrete strategies to practice with this issue as well.
Over the course of our appointments, Teton made huge progress!! He almost never pulls on his leash. His anxiety has decreased significantly and he has also made progress with interacting with other dogs. I was expecting it to take months to see any sort of progress, but some progress didn’t take that long. We are still working with Teton every day and can’t imagine him having made this much progress without Kari’s help!
Jessica and Drew, Denver Colorado
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