Kari Bastyr is a gift to dogs and dog lovers!

Kari Bastyr is a gift to dogs and dog lovers!  I adopted my dog Spencer as an older dog- he was 11 when I rescued him.  He is a sweet boy and I love him dearly!  Spencer displayed fear-based behavior because of the way he was treated before he came to live with me.  Because of an unfortunate incident, Spencer and I had to go to court, and I was required to get Spencer training.  No trainer would work with me because of Spencer’s behavior. Finally I found Kari Bastyr, who agreed to help us!

Kari showed me techniques to make Spencer feel more secure and safe.  She helped to reduce his fear-based behavior.  Most of all Kari was kind to Spencer and I.  Spencer is doing much better now and I am more equipped to help Spencer through tough situations. Kari also wrote a letter for me for the court system!  Kari turned a terrible situation into a happy ending!

Thank you Kari!  Love Spencer and Kathryn   Denver, Co

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