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Welcome to Pawsome Puppy School, which is geared towards puppies 8-20 weeks.  Puppies can start at 8 weeks, or after their first set of vaccinations.

Pawsome Puppy School   $125 | 4 weeks | 40 minutes

There is a critical socialization period for puppies that ends at 16 weeks of age, so it is imperative that you try to create a positive learning environment as your puppy grows. Merely exposing your puppy to a lot of things may not be enough- It’s HOW you do it that’s the most important. If your puppy is fearful, flooding him or her could lead to more behavior problems. This class focuses on how to create positive associations, increase bite inhibition, and build confidence without causing your puppy stress or fear.

I focus on potty training, crate training, chewtoy training, basic commands, impulse control, biting, and other common behaviors.  You will be in a small group setting where you can ask all of your puppy-related questions like:

What do I do if:

  • my puppy grabs a sock, runs away, and won’t drop it?
  • my puppy bites me all the time, and won’t stop?
  • my puppy won’t calm down when I get home from work?
  • my puppy pees on the floor as soon as she comes inside?
  • my puppy jumps on the counters?
  • my puppy barks all the time?
  • my puppy screams in his crate or ex-pen?
  • my puppy growls at me?
  • my puppy is scared or fearful?

Class will cover the following components:

~ Potty Training/Crate Training
~ Learning about Bite Inhibition
~ Proper Socialization
~ Gentling and Handling
~ Chewtoy Training
~ Off, Sit, Down, & Come and how to use these commands in real life
~ Drop It/Trade
~ Body Language and Behavior

Monday Nights: 45-minute intervals from 6-8:15pm
Gerhman Animal Hospital
12800 Wayzata Blvd.
Minnetonka, MN 55305

Note: Wag & Train does not use or condone any force-based or fear-based methods: No choke, prong, or shock collars are allowed.

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