Have you ever done an online search for a dog training video? Have you searched Youtube or Google to try and diagnose your dog on your own?  Do you post on your social media asking questions about to handle certain behaviors? Do you do most of your learning from your computer?  I can help with all of those things through online dog training sessions!

Whether you live locally or in another state, today’s technology makes it easy for me to be in your living room and you still get the same helpful dog training. Often dogs who are fearful or behave aggressively actually do better with online dog training because it’s less stressful And decreasing stress is the first step in helping your dog learn effectively.  Read more about my Online Dog Training here.

Initial Online Session: $195
3-Session Package: $400
4-Session Package: $525

Click “Book Now” below to schedule your package.  All online dog training sessions include written homework and follow-up questions.

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