Online Dog Training2020-03-26T11:54:59-06:00
Have you ever done an online search for a dog training video? Have you searched Youtube or Google to try and diagnose your dog on your own?  Do you post on your social media asking questions about to handle certain behaviors? Do you ask your vet behavior questions?
Now you can have your own personal dog behavior consultant and you can get all of your questions answered. The in-home dog training program is a great option, and the online training gives you more flexibility with budget and schedules.  Today’s technology makes it easy for me to be in your living room either way, and you still get the same helpful dog training!

Initial Online Puppy Session $125
Follow-up Online Puppy Sessions $75
Initial Online Session for Anxiety/Aggression $145
Follow-up Online Session for Anxiety/Aggression  $95
Package of 3 Follow-up Sessions $275

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